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Earn a starting monthly pay of $500 by facilitating Zelle transactions for our corporate clients.

Due to the inherent limitations imposed by Zelle on the volume of transactions per account, enterprises with significant payment volumes face constraints, as their corporate banking facilities are unable to accommodate the required number of transactions.


To address these limitations, we've developed a decentralized solution that optimizes payment flows. By joining our program and opening a new online bank account, you enable our corporate clients to process Zelle payments seamlessly, overcoming transaction volume restrictions and supporting continuous operations.

Thanks for registering.

Get paid $100 a month for each account you open.

There's no limit to how many accounts you can create. To participate, you must open a minimum of 5 accounts, so your starting pay will be $500 per month.

The funds will get deducted automatically from each of the accounts. You will receive your pay at the end of every month in your current bank account. 

Bank account opening instructions

Follow the instructions in each link to set up an account at each of these banks, except for your current personal bank. For example, if your current bank is Wells Fargo, skip the instructions for Wells Fargo.


You will only be using the new accounts you create, we will never have any access to your current account.​​

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