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Accept credit card payments without even a bank account.

  • Accept credit card payments in eGift cash. Get paid directly in luxury goods (Fashionphile), groceries (Instacart), flights (Delta), retail products (Amazon or Walmart) and many more eGift cash options. 

  • Unstoppable, just like hard cash. No bank will ever be able to freeze your funds or tell you how to run your business. You hold your own funds in your Gmail, no bank account or LLC required. 

  • No website or coding required. Just share your unique payment link in your Instagram, Twitter, etc.

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Create your unique payment link to start accepting credit card payments now. Your email will not be shared with your users or with anyone. 

What eGifts would you like to get paid in?*

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  • There is a 4.9% fee to cover payment processing costs. This fee won't be charged until you get paid first.

  • Your fee will be due the first day of the month depending on how much you processed in payments.

Changes or accomodations

  • Contact us if you’d like to update your eGift split options, or if you have any preferences for new eGifts and we will be happy to accommodate. 

How does it work?

  • Every time someone pays with their credit card in your custom page, their payment will be split into any combination of eGift cash you choose.

  • For example, say that you create a payment link to accept $750 payments. Each time a user pays, the payment would automatically be converted into $750 worth of eGifts according to the fully customizable split that you chose in the form above. 

Receiving payments

  • You will receive the eGift cash in your email as soon as the user's payment is completed and confirmed, usually within a few minutes.

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  • PayPal will ban your account and freeze your funds if they believe that you breached their terms and conditions.

  • They might also withdraw up to $2,500 from your account for each infraction they claim you committed. Just hear it from Elon.​

  • Chargebacks can still impact your business.

Stripe / Square

  • Your business  or side hustle might have had issues being accepted by payment processors such as Stripe if you offer services that are against their terms and conditions or if you haven't incorporated.

  • Chargebacks can still impact your business.


  • Venmo for Business doesn't work on Desktop as it does on mobile with the PayPal integration.

  • Venmo will ban your personal account and freeze your funds if they believe that you are using it for business purposes. Just a single customer clicking the option to report a transaction to your account as a business purchase could lead Venmo to take a look at your activity.

  • Chargebacks can still impact your business.


  • Sadly, crypto is still not user friendly enough. The user would have to already own crypto or buy it before paying you, which adds friction to the process.

  • The user might end up paying fees such as Coinbase/Exchange fees when changing fiat for crypto, which will just make the transaction more expensive. 

  • You (the merchant) will also pay fees to transfer your crypto to fiat afterwards. 

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