Say goodbye to chargebacks and processing fees in your business or hustle.

Automatically send payment requests to your customers and charge them with Zelle for Business. Your customers just have to input their Zelle info through our form in your site or social media page and they will get a notification prompting them to pay the amount you request from them. You don't need an LLC or even a website to get started (we will create a unique link with a form for you in this case), just a bank account that works with Zelle. 


Please see below how our service compares to solutions you might be currently using and reach out to us to learn more about how to get started. 


Zelle for Business vs
Coinbase Commerce

  • Sadly, crypto is still not user friendly enough. Your users would have to already own crypto or buy it before paying you, which adds friction to the process.

  • The user might end up paying fees such as Coinbase and Exchange fees when changing fiat for crypto.

  • You (the merchant) might pay Coinbase Merchant fees as well as fees to transfer your crypto to fiat afterwards. 


Zelle for Business vs

  • Your business  or side hustle might have had issues being accepted by payment processors such as Stripe if you offer services that are against their terms and conditions or if you haven't incorporated.

  • You might not currently have the technical resources to install Stripe.

  • Chargebacks can still impact your business.

  • You have to pay processing fees.


Zelle for Business vs

  • Venmo for Business doesn't work on Desktop as it does on mobile with the PayPal integration- users have to pull out their app, scan your QR code, and input an amount.

  • Venmo will ban your personal account and freeze your funds if they find out that you are using it for business purposes. Just a single customer clicking the option to report a transaction to your account as a business purchase could lead Venmo to take a look at your activity

  • With Venmo for Business, there are still fees and chargeback potential.