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Increase your conversion rate by enabling your users to checkout with Pay More or Less™.

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Increase your revenue by at least 7% with Pay More or Less.

  • Increase your sales by enabling your users to checkout with Pay More or Less. Users will purchase a binary option that gives them a 46.5% chance to receive a discount on their checkout order and a 53.5% chance of paying you more than the original amount. This means that you'll increase your current revenue by at least 7%.

  • Pay More or Less integrates seamlessly with your existing checkout process as an additional payment method, without interfering with the user experience. 

  • To prevent fraud, users who have initiated chargebacks on your site or any of our partner sites will not be allowed to use Pay More or Less.

  • Pay More or Less offers your users three options at checkout: paying 10%, 50%, or 100% more or less for your product.

  • Users can also test their choice through a quick simulation, ensuring they can trust that each binary option truly carries the advertised chances.

  • We charge a fee of just 1% to use Pay More or Less™. You'll make money with your 7% edge and from increased sales.

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